We are looking for motivated team players that are driven to work in molecular medicine through interfacing data science and biochemistry. Ideally, you already have previous experience in interdisciplinary research or have a strong standing in one of our core research areas and are interested in expanding your horizon and learn. We offer a collaborative research environment that fosters creative approaches to solve translational pharmacological challenges. 

We are currently seeking to expand in the areas of

  • biomedical engineering
  • nanotechnology
  • machine learning and data science
  • bioinformatics and chemoinformatics
  • pharmacology
  • microbiology
  • organic and medicinal chemistry

but qualified students and scientists with other backgrounds are welcome to contact us. We are interested in candidates on all levels (undergrad, master, PhD, postdoc, research technician). At the moment, we primarily interact with students through the BME programs, but students from other programs that are interested in rotations, projects, or a thesis are encouraged to reach out to determine eligibility. 

We recognize the challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic and particularly invite students that are interested in working remotely on computational research questions. For students that commit for a substantial time period, we are planning a phased return to campus in accordance with Duke University and Public Health Guidelines to enable wet-lab research components.