Recent News

New Preprint on Marginalized Graph Kernels

February 20, 2023

New preprint alert from our lab! “Interpretable Molecular Property Predictions Using Marginalized Graph Kernels”  

New Preprint on Active Learning Subsampling

February 15, 2023

New preprint alert from our lab! “Improving Molecular Machine Learning Through Adaptive Subsampling with Active Learning”  

Presentations at the Duke Center for Quantitative Biodesign Symposium

November 15, 2022

The lab had a great time discussing quantitative biology of the microbiome at the Duke Center for Quantitative Biodesign Symposium today. We had two poster presentations from Amy and Hrshita and a talk from Daniel.

Presenting at BMES 2022

October 15, 2022

Daniel presented "Characterizing the Drug Transportome with Machine Learning and Tissue Engineering" at the 2022 Biomedical Engineering Scoiety (BMES) during the Machine Learning and Molecular Optics session. 

Welcome Bert

October 7, 2022

We are happy to welcome Bert Cortina to the lab! He is a ACES Anesthesia Research Resident and we are very excited to see the exciting discoveries he will make during his time here.

Welcome Laura

September 7, 2022

We are thrilled to have Laura McCoubrey from University College London working with us for the next couple months! She was funded by the Bogue Fellowship to be a visiting graduate student here. Looking forward to your exciting new discoveries studying the microbiome.

Welcome Chloe

August 22, 2022

We are very excited to welcome our fifth PhD student Chloe Markey! She is from the University of Michigan and has recieved the Pratt Gardner Fellowship to support her research. We can't wait to share all of her exciting discoveries!

Amy, Hrshita, and Zilu Receive 2nd Year Fellowships!

August 18, 2022

Congrats to our rising 2nd year graduate students who were all awarded with Second Year Fellowships. Great work Amy, Hrshita & Zilu!

Mathias Wins First Place in the DukeRep Poster Competition

July 29, 2022

Congratulations to our DukeRep student Mathias for winning first place in the poster competition today! 

Welcome Yuichi, Yan, Ashley, Brian, and Mathias

July 7, 2022

We are very excited to welcome several new members to our lab. Yuichi is a JSR fellow, Yan is a post-doctoral fellow, Ashley is an undergraduate student, and Brian and Mathias are high school students. Looking forward to the exciting research from you all!

NDSEG Fellowship for Zach

June 10, 2022

Huge congratulations to our PhD student Zach for being awarded a prestigious NDSEG Fellowship! He achieved the rare feat of being awarded both an NSF GRFP and a NDSEG, too bad he can only keep one. We are very proud of you Zach!

Congrats to Graduates Holly and Jack

May 8, 2022

Congrats to Holly and Jack for graduating with their Masters! We are looking forward to hearing about all your future successes.

NSF GRFP Fellowship for Zach

April 6, 2022

Our PhD student Zach Fralish has recieved a prestiguous NSF GRFP Fellowship. Congratulations Zach, we are very proud of you!

Talk at UNC Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

February 21, 2022

Daniel gave a talk at the UNC Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery and the Carolina Cancer Nanotechnology Training Program.

Keynote talk at ELLIS Workshop

December 13, 2021

Daniel gave a keynote talk at the ELLIS Machine Learning for Molecule Discovery Workshop about our active machine learning efforts.

Welcome Zach!

November 16, 2021

We are thrilled to welcome our fourth graduate student Zach Fralish! Zach will lead our drug development work and we can't wait to share all his exciting discoveries!

MedX High-Risk High-Impact grant 2021

November 1, 2021

We have recieved the early career investigator High-Risk High-Impact 2021 Seed Funding from Duke MedX together with the Tata lab.

Welcome Amy!

October 25, 2021

We are super excited to welcome our third graduate student Amy Chung! Amy will lead our microbiome metabolite work and we can't wait to share all her exciting discoveries!

2021 Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (SMIF) voucher award

October 22, 2021

The lab has recieved a 2021 Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (SMIF) voucher award. This grant will support our research through access to the SMIF and its state-of-the-art equipment for imaging and nanoparticle characterization.

Fellowships for Holly & Joe

September 22, 2021

Huge congratulations to Joe and Holly for being awarded fellowships/assistantships to support their work! Holly recieved a Master's Student Research Fellowship and Joe recieved a URS Assistantship! Very well deserved!

Welcome Junyu

September 14, 2021

We are excited to have Junyu Nan join us as a new Master student. Junyu graduated from UC Irvine with a B.Sc. in Biology & Mathematics and is excited to start working on our nanoparticle projects.  

Zilu is now a PhD student

September 1, 2021

After his succesful M.Sc. work at Duke with us, Zilu decided to stay and is now our second PhD student! We are very happy we can continue to work with Zilu and look forward to all your exciting discoveries! 

CGIBD Pilot Grant

June 2, 2021

The UNC Chapel Hill Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease (CGIBD) has awarded us a Pilot Grant to predict the effects of microbial metabolites on NOD-like receptors. Very grateful to be able to start this new line of research and built translational collaborations with the CGIBD.

Welcome Ben and Joe

April 15, 2021

We are excited to host Ben for his CBB rotation and Joe for a BSURF internship this summer!

Talk at the ACS Spring meeting

April 5, 2021

Daniel presented the results from our recent Nature Nanotechnology paper at the ACS Spring 2021 meeting.