New analysis published in Pharm Res

October 29, 2020

Our new analysis was published today in Pharmaceutical Research (Springer) "Historical Evolution and Provider Awareness of Inactive Ingredients in Oral Medications". We are quantifying the number of approved versions per drug over time & the perception of healthcare providers of inactive ingredients through a small survey.

We found that there has been an exponential increase of alternative versions for the same drugs in the last 40 years, driven largely by multiple manufacturers creating their own formulations. We describe how this could be a big opportunity to select a specific formulation per patient - mitigating excipient-drug interactions for personalized delivery.

Our small survey indicates healthcare providers are aware of inactive ingredients but rarely consider them when prescribing medications or evaluating patients. We hypothesize this is an underappreciated piece in medical education that will see more attention in the future.

This work was conducted together with our collaborators at MIT and Harvard Medical School.

Free access to the paper through ShareIt :

Reker, Daniel, et al. "Historical Evolution and Provider Awareness of Inactive Ingredients in Oral Medications." Pharmaceutical Research 37.12 (2020): 1-7.